Sunday, September 9, 2012

External Blogposts and JavaScript Libraries


I wrote two blogposts which are not hosted on this blog.

The first one was about implementing a suffix-tree in JavaScript in order to generate a grammar-based code for compressing a given string, because I was playing code golf.

 The second post is about using JavaScript for responsive webdesign using two helper functions I wrote called minwidth.js and relocate.js.

JavaScript libraries

My most popular JavaScript on github is a jquery plugin for fullscreen gallery slideshows. I don't have a blogpost about it yet, but considering that there are a lot of people watching the project I should write one.

Another JavaScript library I created is called facetedsearch.js and it lets you filter and sort an array of objects by the values of keys they share, or, in other words, browse through different facets of the objects.

I'm actually pretty proud of the jQuery map plugin JUMP that displays OpenStreetMap tiles (or others) using nothing but jQuery, so no OpenLayers, Leaflet, GMap or other libraries required.

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